Hello everyone! I am Christy and I am a teacher. Not just any teacher, mind you. But a teacher of elementary school, home school, and hard knocks! So that pretty much makes me qualified to answer just about anything that is thrown my way.

So what is this blog all about, hmm? Well, pretty much exactly what it says that it is about. Asking me questions! Pretty plain and simple if you ask me!

I have been a teacher for more than 25 years. I started in the elementary school, received my degree, and taught in Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades over a period of 20 years. Being an elementary school teacher taught me so many things about the way that parents think, children behave, and faculty react. It was a 20 year learning experience that I feel so honored to be a part of.

I was married to my husband and best friend 12 years ago. We decided to wait to have children because our life was crazy busy and we did not feel that we had the ‘time’ to pour into our child.

caring mom and babyOnce we decided that the ‘time was right’, we had a problem conceiving for about 4 years. But then our first child was born. A gorgeous little girl that took us into a whirlwind of activity and we fell completely in love with her.

It made life very difficult to get up and go to school everyday teaching other parent’s children while mine was at home. We were fortunate enough to have her daddy stay at home with her but his business ‘suffered‘ a little because of the numerous distractions.

Then, much to our amazing surprise, we were pregnant again. This time, our family was made complete with a son.

Once our son was born, we decided that it was time that we look at changing up our schedules. My husbands business was in dire need of his undivided attention, our little gifts needed their mommy, and I was ready to hang up the chalk and classroom after 20 years of teaching.

So, hubby and I decided that I was going to retire after 20 years in the classroom so that I was able to come home and teach our 2 little gifts.

A little girl doing homeworkThus started my journey as a home schooling household! Homeschooling is a completely different beast then teaching in a classroom. I will be getting into all the differences that I have found so far. But I have to say that it has been a challenge and a wonderful opportunity to be able to stay at home and teach our children and mold them into the beautiful gifts that they are.

Life in itself has a way of teaching us also know as the teacher of hard knocks!