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The 5 Best Online Learning Platforms

Thanks to online learning platforms, you can now learn new skills or build professional credibility at your own pace without neccesarily going to going to school or sitting in a classroom. The only problem is, it becomes harder to choose a suitable platform when there are so many options.

Choosing the best online learning platform for yourself boils down to the following five factors:

  • How the courses are structured.
  • Quality of the course content.
  • Qualification and expertise of the tutors.
  • Community
  • Pricing

Not all online learning platforms offer accreditations or certificates. Some are simply avenues to enhance your skill set and knowledge in specific areas. The platforms I’ve selected in this article all offer courses that are taught by world-class experts, leaders, and academics. Regardless of your goal, you will be exposed to a wide range of top-notch eLearning opportunities.

Here are the top five online learning platforms in 2022:

  • Coursera
  • MasterClass
  • Udemy
  • SkillShare
  • EdX
  1. Coursera

    Number of Courses: 7000+
    Pricing: Starting at $9.99. Subscriptions start at $39 a month.

    Thanks to the quality of its courses, Coursera remains one of the most reputable eLearning platforms. It’s partnered with over 200 top universities and organizations, including Stanford University and Google. As a result, many of its programs are taught by world-leading experts and academics.

    There are over 1,600 free courses on Coursera, mak

  2. ing it one of the best sites for free online learning. There are no certificates for free courses, however. You can only get a certificate after you’ve purchased a course or subscribed to one of the paid plans.


    • Offers recognized accreditations and certificates.
    • Has over 1,600 free courses.
    • Pricing is affordable compared to other credible online learning platforms.
    • Classes are available in multiple languages.
    • Classes are taught by top experts.


    • Some courses are very specialized, requiring prior knowledge of the topic from beginners.
    • Some courses have strict timelines, which negates the concept of working at your own pace.
  3. MasterClass

    Number of Classes: 150+
    Pricing: Starting at $180 per year ($15 per month)

    Masterclass removes the mystery associated with genius. It employs the world’s biggest celebrities to teach their art. There are a few business and academic classes, but many of its offerings are in the creative fields, e.g., music, business, food, and design.

    The courses are video-based and often have around 20 lessons. A-list stars get to engage their students with practical demonstrations, class discussions, and lectures.


    • World-leading expertise in legendary celebrities.
    • Courses are generally comprehensive and beginner-friendly.
    • Video quality of the classes is top-notch.


    • No free courses.
    • No accreditations or certifications.
    • You can only pay annually.
    • A low number of courses.
    • Some courses don’t seem very educational.
  4. Udemy

    Number of Courses: 204,000+
    Pricing: Starting at $11.99

    Udemy is the largest online learning platform. With over 204,000 courses available in more than 60 languages, there is a course for almost every niche you can think of.

    The classes are presented in a multimedia format, allowing tutors to incorporate quizzes and readings into their lessons.


    • There are loads of free courses.
    • Offers certifications.
    • It’s a vast library of knowledge where almost anything can be learned.


    • No accreditations.
    • There’s reason to doubt the credibility of courses as the instructors create the course content. There are too many courses to run proper quality control.
  5. SkillShare

    Number of Courses: 30,000+
    Pricing: Starting at $32 a month

    Skillshare stands out thanks to the diversity and comprehensive structure of its courses. Apart from marketing and business, there are also courses on music, gaming, fashion, and food.

    The platform is quite functional, giving students the ability to schedule their learning periods, set reminders, and collaborate in Slack channels.


    • Well-structured and engaging courses.
    • Offers many diverse, creative fields.
    • Offers interactive features.


    • No accreditations or recognized certifications.
    • There are no free courses, only a 1-month-trial, which you have to sign up for using your credit card.
    • Quality control for tutors is low.
  6. EdX

    Number of Courses: 5300+
    Pricing: Certificates start at $50

    EdX is an ideal platform for professionals looking to enroll in accredited, career-oriented courses. Partnering with institutions like Harvard and MIT, its courses are taught by some of the world’s best experts and organizations.

    The majority of the courses on EdX are in STEM fields, but there are a few language and art lessons as well. The best thing about the platform is that most of the courses are free. You would, however, have to pay for the certifications.


    • Accredited courses and certifications.
    • Provides bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.
    • Most courses are free to access. You just wouldn’t get the verified certificates.


    • There are limited topics on humanities or art.

As someone who has been a teacher for more than 25 years, I think it’s quite fascinating that people no longer have to be in physical classrooms to learn from the best. To get the most from your online study, you should only go for credible online learning platforms with competent instructors, such as the ones mentioned in this article.