When I Grow up….

One of the questions that I was asked a lot. When you grow up, what do you want to be?

when i grow up bannerWhen we are young, our entire lives are ahead of us and there is great big world out there just waiting for us to dive in. Adults know the difficulty behind finding a job, getting a job, and keeping a job. Sometimes we are fortunate enough to find a job that we fall in love with. Most young adults entering into the work force is just not that lucky.


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Why Parents Should Be Involved in Their Children’s Education

parenting quoteSchools want to find teachers making an extra effort to receive the parents’ involvement in their own child’s education. Teachers must find a way to teach every child who’s inside their classroom. Student teaching was difficult since I realized that teenagers don’t necessarily respect you (you need to earn it), they’re defiant, their behavior must be managed and you must engage them. Thus the reason that I never taught in the middle and high school grades! (more…)

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