When I Grow up….

oopsy-daisy-when-i-grow-up-boys-2One of the questions that I was asked a lot and that we asked the children in the class was the all popular….

When you grow up, what do you want to be?

When we are young, our entire lives are ahead of us and there is a great big wold out there just waiting for us to dive in. But we, as adults, know the difficulty behind finding a job, getting a job, and keeping a job. Sometimes we are fortunate enough to find a job that we fall in love with. But most young adults entering into the work force is just not that lucky.

I have seen it time and time again over my 20 year tenure in the school system. Little Johnny has his big ideas, wide eyed, and ready to take on the world. He wants to be a Lawyer, a Doctor, or a Firefighter. But then he comes to visit me after high school and he is a tree care professional.

He seems a little disheartened when he tells me this. But you know what I say? I tell him, Little johnny….you go out there and you be the very BEST Pewaukee tree care professional the world (or Pewaukee in this case) has ever seen.

Why do we put such strong desires onto our children to be MORE than what they want to be. What if, when you asked your child what they want to be when they grow up, they say, I want to be a carpenter or a concrete professional? Would you be just as proud to tell your friends that your child wants to be a carpenter as you would if she told you she wanted to be a lawyer?

You see, through the years, I have seen it time and time again. The children in my class room come up with some of the craziest, most outlandish careers of what they want to be when they grow up. But then, they go home, tell their parents, and the parents laugh at them and tell them, “you REALLY don’t want to be a bug collector, no, you really want to be a doctor instead.” And these children have their dreams crushed and end up like Little Johnny who feels that him being a tree care professional is somehow not good enough. tumblr_lhnxxbpeob1qg0ps7o1_400

But it is!

It absolutely is!

So I say – ENCOURAGE your child when she tells you that she wants to be a baker or an artist. Do not put your lack of accomplishments and push them onto your child. Chances are, if you allow them to dream, they may just surprise you and become a doctor or a lawyer or a scientist that looks at bugs.

Who knows?

Just don’t squash their dreams, ok!

Why Parents Should Be Involved

parentingSchools want to find teachers making an extra effort to receive the parents involvement in their own child’s education. Teachers must find a way to teach every child who’s inside their classroom. Student teaching was difficult since I realized that teenagers don’t necessarily respect you (you need to earn it), they’re defiant, their behavior must be managed and you must engage them. Thus the reason that I never taught in the middle and high school grades!

Each year before school, your child’s IEP has to be updated. Granted, many parents don’t understand the advantages of getting involved in their own child’s learning. Parents have always had a specific right to modify schools if they felt that their child wasn’t receiving a suitable education. Besides education, parents also have to make sure that, the school they can be enrolling their children in, have some extracurricular activities.

In a classroom of two or three dozen students, teachers are able to usually spot a little one who is struggling or having trouble. In addition, teens who can’t attend for any reason can take part in online education (aka distance learning). Plenty of teachers that aren’t doing a superb job, actually do really care regarding their students. Almost always, there are many individuals working with your child, and all their input is valuable.being a parent

The child does not have any true choice not to buy in their parent’s plan for them, even when child doesn’t have any desire or some actual talent for the activity the parent is forcing them all to do. You have to actually listen to the child. Now I am not saying that you FORCE them into something nor am I saying that you let them quit just because it may get hard for the child. No, you need to actually LISTEN to them. Watch them. Talk with their teachers. If a child truly loves doing something, be it a sport or extracurricular activity, that child will tell everyone about it.

Babies aren’t babies forever (sniff!) Parents can create a difference.

With the current busy schedules between home, work, and school, it might feel the normal family has quite little time to provide. For even the top achieving Milwaukee Schools student will profit from parents working on homework with them. They might not know about what they’re doing, but kids are known to come up with a few pretty creative means of receiving their parents to stop arguing, even in case that it doesn’t work and makes matters worse in the procedure. You are able to meet with several other parents that are in the exact same boat as you as well as find support there.

Many parents nowadays are becoming stay-at-home parents as well as parents that home school their children.

The students who aren’t performing well in the normal classroom will generally get placed into a particular special education classroom. Ordinarily, these students could keep a healthy relationship by making use of their parents while gaining independence from living independently. The basic truth is, not everybody is thriving yet so the neighborhood schools still require support. Quaker boarding school specifically can give a nurturing environment for all these kids to allow them to bloom.